For Real Estate Agents

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Analysis Tools

Be the first to locate and discover new listing opportunities

  • Explore new developments with MapView when you submit planning permits.
  • Utilise MapView’s state of the art analysis tools that are powered with advanced search filters to view extensive consolidated planning permit data.

Property Information

Quickly pull up relevant property information for your next exciting project

  • Gather relevant information to advertise for your property listing.

Conveniently assess any sort of property data on MapView, including property and building information, market trends, estimate prices, property history and imagery with the press of a few easy buttons.

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Showcase any listing with a bird's-eye view for a different perspective

  • View quality, up-to-date imagery of properties from the comfort of your work desk, including its extensive changes over time.

  • Updated every few months, MapView’s delivers high quality and resolution photographs for viewing.

Searches for Title and Documents

Browse for specific documents effortlessly

  • Examine competitively priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company Searches with just a few quick taps.

  • Manage team member permissions and view your team’s search history to quickly lookup for something.

Premium Property Reports

Build buyer confidence with an easy-to-read report

  • Distribute comprehensive, easy-to-read property reports to prospective buyers branded as their trusted advisor.
  • View property reports that contain all the information from MapView, refined into a simple report, branded with your company logo.

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