Mapview Features 101: Nearby Places


Nearby Places is a feature that provides subscribers with the ability to discover geographical positions of nearby schools, transport services, service stations and fast food chains within a radius.

When using Mapview, you can discover several geographical positions across the world. In this article, you will see the amazing features of the nearby places which will benefit your business, especially in local searches.

What Does Nearby Places Provide Subscribers With?

Nearby Places allows you to explore sites near a designated location that you’ve chosen. There are a variety of options to choose from including schools, businesses, transport, emergency services, service stations & fast food resultants. On Mapview, the Nearby Places tool looks like this:


How can Listing Nearby Places to a Site Benefit a Subscriber & Their Business? 

One of the benefits of having businesses listed in Nearby Places is that it helps determine how developed that area is. This helps the user decide if they want to do business or live in an urbanised region.

Nearby schools & hospitals, for example, located in school catchment areas may add 10-15% more real estate value and revenue to the property. Following this logic, when you add your clinic or hospital to Nearby Places, it further provides opportunities for people who are looking for jobs. In highly urbanised regions, these people can expect high wages and other amenities that can increase real estate value. 

Nearby transport—with the expense of a car and traffic—allows people to choose to use public transport to travel around. Homes near transport routes make it easier for residents to check the distance between their homes and offices or other places of interest, easily move throughout the area, and determine how long each commute will be.

Gain access to useful geographical information via Mapview’s Nearby Places feature

Nearby Places allow subscribers to establish an idea of the growth and development around a particular site, and how economically advanced the area is. With more transport, schools, and emergency services, this naturally comes a safer environment which increases real estate value. 

Mapview is the right platform to put your business on the map—literally. Check out our other features to see how else we can help your business find more foot traffic, and contact us for a free consultation.

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