Property Location Markers


Are you looking for a platform with project data storage that’s with unlimited storage for location markers?Mapview is a superior online data platform which provides substantial valuable information to subscribers. Subscribers who are a part of a business have the ability to add markers and keep an online file of both current and new business properties. Additionally, they are capable of filtering the markers to suit the property they wish to discover.

Markers Made Easy to Apply

Mapview has made these markers easily accessible by applying three different filters: Basic, Developer, Development Management. This varies depending on the subscription package from the client. The balance of having a simple through to professional database input makes it easy for subscribers to understand & learn how to put in markers. 


Can You Add Unlimited Markers?

Subscribers are able to add 100 markers with the ‘Basic’ package. On the other hand, subscribers who purchase the ‘Premium’ package have access to unlimited markers. 

The access to a substantial number of markers allows those with businesses to view their project at a large scale. Clusters (as seen above) allow businesses to see how many projects are located in a particular state. 

Easily manage your data on the Mapview platform with our location marker feature

Subscribers who have access to markers enable them to place their sites across the map. By doing so it makes it easy to find data on a particular site and extract information. Look for development sites easily with a range of filter options. Subscribers can filter through several categories to suit their search of an icon. 

Mapview is the right platform to put your business on the map—literally. Check out our other features to see how else we can help your business find more foot traffic, and contact us for a free consultation.

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