Mapview Features 101: Site & Planning Information


Mapview Features 101: Site & Planning Information

Did you know that with Mapview, you can research site information, planning, legislative and legal information on all properties across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand?

Read more to find out.

The Ability to Access All Information in One Platform

With the ability to access such extensive data into a particular site, subscribers are able to obtain a substantial amount of information within Mapview. Information is situated on the right side of the page making access easy and clear. Subscribers are capable of accessing a variety of information from site information, planning information as well as legislative & legal information across Australia and New Zealand.


The Benefit of ‘Site Information’

Site information allows subscribers to understand a particular site in greater depth. 

Initially, when ‘Site Info’ is opened, subscribers are shown the property on a Google Maps format which they can click & choose between a map point of view of the site or a street view. 

Information held within ‘Site Info’ includes the distance of the site to transport terminals, hospitals, shops, cities, and state electorates. Subscribers have the ability to click on an icon in ‘Site Details’ which will take them to a website for that particular issue as well as order land titles. Below is an example of Legislative Assembly, the benefit of providing data such as Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly convenient as subscribers are able to know who the electorate is represented by. This is important as it affects policies, spending and infrastructure. 


Benefit of ‘Planning’ 

Mapview provides planning to give subscribers access to viewing planning provisions as well as planning approvals. With access to such detail with planning provisions, subscribers are able to get an understanding of important planning information such as if the property is heritage, what zones and overlays go through the property, and so much more. Planning approvals list the extensive detail in the approval of activity on that site. 

However, Mapview currently offers planning approvals for Victoria only. Properties must have planning activity across the last 10 years for them to show up on a site. 


Research site and planning information on all properties across Australia and New Zealand with the Mapview Platform

With access to such detailed information all in one place, Mapview has made it easier than ever for subscribers to obtain information about a particular site. With the ability to look at all the necessary details with a click, subscribers are provided a convenient source while also becoming more productive and efficient. 

Mapview is the right platform to put your business on the map—literally. Check out our other features to see how else we can help your business find more foot traffic, and contact us for a free consultation.

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