Mapview Version 1.02 – IT’S BIG


The Mapview Development Team have been busy with exciting new and major enhancements to the Mapview Platform. We have added new features that are immediately available for use, here’s an insight into the exciting additions and changes our team has made in V1.02.

New User Experience (UX) Design

We have redesigned the user experience interface to make it even easier for you to identify tools to make your Mapview experience better.

Tasmania Region Rollout

Tasmania is now onboard, 460,000 properties have been added to Mapview with the same enhanced Zones, Overlays and Resources you see in other Mapview Regions.

Environmental Audit (VIC) & Audit Reports

Now view all registered environmental audit sites in Victoria (EPA) and direct links to the corresponding audit summary reports. See below green dots representative of environmental audited sites.

More Modules Become Active - Feasibilities Now Available!

In the past when you created a marker you gained access to the “Project” tab/icon this enabled filing, consultant listing and project notes, today you have 3 new active modules on the RHS bar

Profit – Which provides you access to Barfeas, a simple efficient feasibility system that with Mapviews resources allows a quick estimation of a projects outcome, once completed save your feasibility to the Mapview project filing system in the “Project” Icon

Delivery – Easy access to link to your project management systems with instant connection to your existing Aconex, Procore or Assignar accounts. This link brings your delivery systems into one place.

Owners Corporation/Body Corporate (OC/BC) information in one place project specific, including owners manuals, OC/BC minutes, trade contact list and emergency numbers.

Other Enhancements

  • Ferry styling improvements for NSW – MV-621
  • Site detail re-labeling – MV-695
  • Queensland train and light rail layer tweaks – MV-722
  • Worldwide marker tweaks – MV-751
  • Marker table negative number fixes – MV-758
  • Address Search Fixes – MV-813
  • Business listings within shopping centre satellite layer fixes – MV-815
  • Default Location tweaks – MV-847, MV-844, MV-845 and MV-846
  • Seek feature improvements – MV-854, MV-858 and MV-859
  • UI/UX redesign (with icons substituting tab labels) – MV-856
  • Map zoom toolbar – MV-857
  • Building tab changes – MV-860
  • Tasmania region roll out – MV-861 and MV-862
  • Feasibility link implementation – MV-863
  • Satellite layer changes – MV-876
  • Sales tab changes – MV-452
  • Ferry label changes – MV-497
  • Map/Satellite Improvements – MV-608
  • Information updates – MV-832
  • Marker Save improvements – MV-837
  • Marker Improvements – MV-651


We are already working on V1.03 and in about 4 weeks look out for:

  • High Resolution Satellite map imagery
  • Printable Property Reports containing all the amazing Mapview Site Information
  • Western Australia Region Rollout
  • Demographic Data becoming available
  • Further User Experience Improvements


As always the Mapview team are always investigating ways to improve the Mapview platform. If you have any feedback please send it to:

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