Property Information Map

A property information map shows the necessary information about boundary outlines and landscape features outside your house but on your property. It shows you what already exists on a property. The main advantage of a property information map is that it shows the relationship between what is already there and what more you want to build.

Information on a property information map differs as different authorities need a map with different features and parameters.

What is the property information map and Mapview?

Some people like to buy a new property, and some like to renovate a home to get the abode of their dreams. Whether you are buying one to shift right away or the one you will modify to suit your and your family’s needs, you will need a property information map.

A property information map shows the property boundaries, so you know where does your house end. People frequently unknowingly end up constructing on a neighbour’s property. Mapview is an online tool that helps you make informed property decisions. You see the existing structure and can also add any new structure to ensure obeying the property boundaries set by the housing authorities.

Importance of Mapview

Mapview shows the digital view of your property. It shows exactly how your property looks when seen physically by visiting it in person in real-time. So, you get to see what exists now on your property and how far it extends on your property. The area it covers the other structures adjacent to it.

Mapview shows the valuable property information that helps ensure that your property complies with the proper authoritative codes. In addition, the wider coverage lets you know about the local services nearby your property such as schools, water, roads, sewers, gym, restaurant and other necessary facilities.

Mapview also offers an inside look into the past sales record of the property. You can log in to your Mapview account and handle multiple projects if you need them for your business.

Benefits of using Mapview for property information

Mapview is an innovative tool that covers more than 15 million properties in its database. Our enriched database has everything you would want to know about a property. We offer over 3000 links in one place, including planning zones and overlays, planning permits, building permits and critical due diligence information.

You can create an account on Mapview and start storing the records of your past, present and future projects in your own maps. Your data will be saved in tabulated cloud-based form so you can access it from anywhere in the world. Mapview also has the ability to source sites nearby and analyze the functions with Seek and Nearby Place.

We continuously keep on adding modules for your due diligence on project information, project filing, delivery and aftercare. Mapview provides the systematic current and historical record of all your project work.

How should I use Mapview for property search

If you’re looking for a property in Australia, Mapview is a great way to see the exact location and determine if the property meets your needs. Interactive digital maps let you try out properties in the area of your choice, browse, filter, and view them in an immersive way.

Here’s how to use Mapview on your desktop and mobile

You can browse rental and for-sale listings using Mapview’s interactive map based on their locations. Mapview is available on both the desktop and mobile search pages.

Each area will have a map with available properties shown by round markers. The markers indicate how many listings are available in that area. By clicking on the markers on the map, you can view all the available properties in specific buildings and communities within your preferred area.

Once the location marker is clicked, you can view listings for the location. Users on desktops will find these listings on the left-hand side of the page, while mobile users will find them below the map. The listings on this site provide quick access to the unit details, including the price, size, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms.

With the Map View search bar, you can find properties in specific buildings or neighbourhoods that interest you. Then you can use the filters in Map View to customize the results according to your needs. Filter properties by property type, price, bed type, size, and purpose.

You can view the available properties in a list view by tapping the cross or dragging the slider upward.

How Can Mapview Help You?

Real estate agents and companies need spatial data and other information about a property to bring it all together for a property. Mapview is an industry-leading, innovative and interactive mapping platform. It is an online tool that provides valuable property information and sales history. It offers wider coverage for every property so you can see necessary facilities nearby your neighbourhood.

Get over the frustration of the time-consuming process of validating the data easily with Mapview. We curated everything from different sources in one place to provide an all-in-one source of property information to you.

Mapview is an industry-leading, innovative and interactive mapping platform that securely records past, present and future projects on your own map worldwide, with tabulated cloud-based data and files all stored in one place for easy access.

Mapview provides an all-in-one source of property information and data analysis tools to help professionals, real estate agents, property developers, and individuals make informed property decisions.

Mapview also sells Title information through the App and allows users to download property reports eliminating the need for a real estate agent to provide a title report.

The Queensland Government offers a service that allows you to map property boundaries on the Queensland Globe.

Searches for particular lot numbers are not currently available.

Maps are not warranted to determine property boundaries. We simply offer a visualization of the DCDB dataset.

Google maps imagery introduces additional errors up to 10 meters depending on location, ranging from several meters to 100 meters for DCDB data. There may also be some small reprojection errors in the web map.

It is best to consult a property surveyor to find out the exact location of your property boundaries.

The 2012 version of the DCDB database recorded an area for each property, but the more recent version of the database’s ‘lite’ version does not.

Clicking on the map maximize button and enabling the 2012 edition of the database will bring up a pop-up menu that allows you to toggle between the layers and view the 2012 property data.

Some positions were incorrect in the 2012 database. Using both the current and 2012 property boundary maps, you can compare the changes.

View and access plans on a map using Mapview’s interactive platform. Customers can purchase government-certified plans of any property in VIC, NSW, QLD, and WA. Soon, we will offer TAS, SA, NT, ACT, and New Zealand.

The best place to find property lines and boundaries is Mapview. You can register with Mapview. Mapview provides cadastral information based on official government datasets for VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA & New Zealand, with support coming soon to SA & NT.

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