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A powerful worldwide online tool allowing users instant access to over 15 million properties with up-to-date property, planning, places of interest and sales information. You create your own library of markers to suit your business needs that will always be there for you to recall.

Property Data Map & Source of Property Records Online - Mapview

Mapview has been created by property professionals for anyone who needs digital access to a geographical property reference or property line map (Property Boundary) . Mapview is intuitively designed, to get familiar, an access free package that provides the user with an insight into the features offered.

After intensive hours consumed doing property research and then ensuring the accuracy of those single data sources was correct, the founders knew there had to be a better way for property finders and decided to build a platform to consolidate all that data into one, along with plotting it on a map. The east coast of Australia and New Zealand, over 15 million properties are online, the balance of Australia by the end of 2021. Many of Mapview’s features including plotting already operate worldwide.

The platform allows you to create markers with in depth customization, see advanced layers, high resolution satellite imagery, project storage, project management capabilities, planning and permit data, feasibility, project aftercare, instant nearby places lookups and utilities, are just some of the features, thousands of users are benefitting from.

Mapview has government partnerships and exclusive data sources to seamlessly integrate with our interface allowing the user to archive every property record in perpetuity.

Mapview - Your one-stop solution for all Property Line Information

Mapview streamlines your desktop property analysis process.
It is widely used by industry professionals.

How Mapview helps in Property Lines (Property Boundaries)

Are you still using spreadsheets and paper maps for recording property details, assigning responsibilities and manually checking in on project progress? Mapview securely records past, present & future property projects on your own map worldwide, with tabulated data and files, all in one place. Access data, current regulations, research and due diligence tools for any property on the east coast of Australia & New Zealand, with more regions coming soon. Also, use Mapview for management reporting, property info map, finding new sites, comparing alternatives, undertaking due diligence, project contacts, planning info & permit history, distance to key locations, nearby places radiuses, sales history and data, location demographics, local authorities, title information, storing your data, it has everything you will ever need, it’s never been easier.

Why people trust Mapview

As head of an active expanding national structural engineering consultancy practice I’m presenting daily, Mapview has enabled my team to record all our past and present projects in one place, we have been able to add photos, project profiles and other information, we can filter project types, our whole portfolio of work is now graphically presentable
Paul Webber
Managing Director – Webber Design
Mapview has become our gateway to project control, it’s very easy to use with our whole team using it in our day to day operation, its intuitive, fast and accurate, I couldn’t imagine us without it
Brett Rogers
Managing Director – Baracon
State Planning laws are complex, running a business nationally means I’ve had to source information from hundreds of places, Mapview has saved me hours of time by giving me everything in one place
Jon Whittle
Founder & Managing Director – Campus Estates
Our Real Estate business has been looking for this tool for years, it’s has come at the perfect time as we continue to expand, we have 30 staff on the platform and it is providing the central graphical control base we needed, our sales team love it
Charlie Cini
MD- CVA Property Consultants

— Our Benefits & Features —

Valuable Property Information

Comprehensive information
including title information, land size, planning controls and property photos.

Property Sales History

Generate instant reports on specific properties across Australia.

Planning Permit Data

Get planning permit data at a glance. With a wide range of advanced filters to help find the most relevant information.

Storage Data

Get access to files anywhere via secure Mapview Cloud Storage. Store and Backup your marker files.

Nearby Places

Easily access nearby places
from schools, transport routes,
emergency services, supermarkets and much more.

Wide Coverage

Extensive coverage across Australia (VIC, NSW, QLD) and New Zealand with many functions operating worldwide

Project Markers

Organise your portfolio of sites and work on them through our integrated project marker system. Map previous, existing and future sites to maximise your working efficiency.

Order Titles

You can purchase hundreds of the most commonly ordered land and property information products in a single order form with Mapview for one or multiple properties.

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Mapview – Discover Mineshafts and Environmental Audit Sites with Ease

Easily see all environmental audit sites within Victoria (EPA) with direct links to their corresponding audit summary reports when looking at sites. Also discover recorded mineshafts across Australia, never get caught out not knowing what’s on your land. Mapview is one stop solution for all property line information where you can map any type of data for property developer, real estate agents, professionals, architects and town planners.

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