Instant Property Analysis & Investigation.

When evaluating and purchasing property, being fully informed is critiical to a successful outcome.

Your one-stop solution

A powerful worldwide online tool allowing users instant access to over 15 million properties with up-to-date property, planning, places of interest and sales information.

The platform allows you to access features that thousands of users are already benefitting from. Create markers with in depth customisation, look up nearby places and utilities, see advanced layers with high resolution satellite imagery.

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Helpful Site Alerts​
Heritage Overlay Information​

Your one-stop solution for all property information.

Premium features, perfect for a wide range of industries.

Free Property Report

Comprehensive informationincluding title information, land size, planning controls and property photos.

Premium Property Information

Get planning permit data at a glance. With a wide range of advanced filters to help find the most relevant information.

Titles & Documents

Examine competitively priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company Searches with just a few quick taps.

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

View quality, up-to-date imagery of properties from the comfort of your desk, including its extensive changes over time.

Site Analysis

Utilise MapView’s state of the art analysis tools that are powered with advanced search filters to discover possible property prospects.

Planning Permits

Look through various planning permits and statuses, including those that are pending, approved or rejected.

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