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Free Property Report

Comprehensive informationincluding title information, land size, planning controls and property photos.

Premium Property Information

Get planning permit data at a glance. With a wide range of advanced filters to help find the most relevant information.

Titles & Documents

Examine competitively priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company Searches with just a few quick taps.

High resolution arial imagery

View quality, up-to-date imagery of properties from the comfort of your desk, including its extensive changes over time.

Site Analysis

Utilise MapView’s state of the art analysis tools that are powered with advanced search filters to discover possible property prospects.

Planning Permits

Look through various planning permits and statuses, including those that are pending, approved or rejected.

Are you still using spreadsheets and paper maps for manually recording property details?

Mapview securely records past, present & future property projects on your own map worldwide, with tabulated data and files, all in one place. Access up-to-date data, current regulations, research and due diligence tools for any property on the east coast of Australia & New Zealand, with more regions coming soon.