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Mapview is an industry-leading, innovative and interactive mapping platform that securely records past, present and future projects on your own map worldwide, with tabulated cloud-based data and files all stored in one place for easy access.

Convenience at the touch of your fingertips, your business can effortlessly access data, regulations, research and use due diligence tools for any property on the east coast of Australia and New Zealand, with more regions coming.

Worry less, as your project data will always be stored and archived accordingly on your map for viewing with a secure login.

Mapview is also the perfect tool for sales & marketing, management reporting, comparing alternatives, undertaking due diligence, project contacts, planning info & permit history, looking up sales history & data, location demographics, local authorities, title information, and storing your data. Not only that, it’s fantastic for finding out the distance to prime locations, finding new sites or nearby places radiuses. It has everything you need.

We strive to develop practical and intuitive user-friendly applications that are immersed seamlessly into Geographical Information Systems(GIS) data.

Mapview is for anyone and everyone, including property developers, financiers, construction consultants, builders, planning consultants and town planners, government department and authorities and property analysts. It is a remarkable time-saving platform for individuals and businesses.

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